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Promo Video Duets

  • photo of Brian photo of Austin

    “Let’s meet at Grand Central Station.”

  • photo of Simon photo of Annika

    “Let’s win a prize at the carnival tonight.”

  • photo of Francois photo of Austin

    “Let’s dance.”

  • photo of Kyana photo of Allen

    “Let’s have a friendly chess match.”

  • photo of Beach Guy photo of Beach Girl

    “Let’s play on the beach at sunrise.”

  • photo of Cliffjumper photo of Cliffjumper

    “Let’s dive off a cliff together.”

  • photo of Miwi photo of Sophie

    “Let’s have a sunset picnic in the park and skip some stones.”

  • photo of Seema photo of Seema's friend

    “Let’s unwind with some yoga.”

  • photo of Ken photo of Ken's girlfriend

    “Let’s go for an evening run.”

  • photo of Andy photo of Aaron

    “Let’s connect after class and hit the skate park.”

  • photo of a guy photo of a guy

    “Let’s have dinner in the garden tonight.”

  • photo of a girl photo of a girl

    “Let’s have a late-night snack while our towels dry.”

  • photo of a guy photo of a girl

    “Let’s go for a tandem bicycle ride along the waterfront.”

  • photo of Matt photo of Brianne

    “Let’s get hitched.”

Bring the romance back to one-on-one messaging.

  • A duet begins by proposing something you want to do with someone near and dear.
  • Propose duet ideas privately to your favorite people, and create an evolving collaborative life list of all the things you want to do.
  • Once each duet is paired, it becomes a private conversation that you can enrich with notes, photos and video messages.
  • Your conversations are saved forever and Duet becomes a digital lockbox for the people and memories you cherish most.
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Duet for iPhone is in pockets now. Let's dance.

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